The natural gas sector in Nigeria is fast-growing. In March of 2021, the Federal Government launched the ‘Decade of Gas’ programme in March 2021 to increase domestic utilisation of the nation’s huge gas reserves. This has pushed Midstream gas and power companies in Nigeria to the limelight as they play a strategic role in the realisation of this national goal. Midstream gas companies manage the supply and distribution of natural gas across the country. 

Here is a list of four gas and power companies in Nigeria which are owned by Axxela Group, and are facilitating the fast adoption of natural gas nationwide specifically in the industrial sector. 

Axxela Gas and Power Companies in Nigeria

Axxela is an innovative energy firm and one of the leading private-sector gas and power companies in Nigeria. With over 20 years of experience providing energy solutions to the industrial sector in the country, Axxela serves over 200 industrial customers daily, increasing access and utilsation of natural gas which is a more cost-effective power generation alternative to traditional fossil fuel options.  In 2021, Axxela was named ‘Africa’s Most Sustainable Company of the Year in the oil and gas sector. Axxela also received the Energy Leadership Excellence Prize of the Decade from the African Institute for Leadership Excellence in 2021. Axxela has four subsidiary gas and power companies in Nigeria, with over 300 km of gas pipeline network, supplying up to 80 million cubic feet of gas daily. Here’s a brief review of each sister gas and power company that the group owns. 

Gaslink Nigeria Limited

Gaslink accounts for over 80% of domestic gas distribution to industrial and commercial within Nigeria. This subsidiary operates an exclusive franchise in the Greater Lagos area, delivering natural gas and power solutions to over 165 blue-chip industrial customers in the region. The company has also completed unique gas-to-power projects like the Alausa Power Plant and the Akute Power Plant which are both now divested.

Central Horizon Gas Company

With a  gas distribution network of 17 km and a throughput capacity of 50 million standard cubic feet per day, CHGC owns franchise rights for natural gas distribution in the Trans Amadi Industrial Area of Port Harcourt as well as the Greater Port Harcourt Area, Reclamation Road, Moscow Road. The company is among the leading gas and power companies in the South-south region with a growing customer base among industrial, residential and commercial customers who want to switch from dirty fossil fuels.

Gas Network Services Limited

GNSL is Axxela’s venture into the compressed natural gas (CNG) virtual pipeline business and presently operates a CNG Mother Station with a capacity of  5.2 million standard cubic feet per day in Lagos. The station has dispensing points to fill Natural Gas Vehicles with CNG, helping mainly industrial customers to adopt natural gas as a primary or alternate fuel for their heavy-duty vehicles.

Transit Gas Nigeria Limited

TGNL is focused on the development of physical and virtual pipeline technology to increase access to natural gas, especially in the North where pipeline infrastructure is limited. The company is currently developing ​​ a small scale Liquefied natural gas plant of 20 million standard cubic feet per day in Ajaokuta,  Kogi as well as a pipeline network between Abeokuta and Iwopin.

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