Axxela Logo 2x

Axxela is more than just a name or a logo. Our brand is built on the fundamentals of trust because more than anything else, we desire that all stakeholders can rely on us for ethical conduct and dedication to high standards. We are a proactive energy partner with the knowledge and financial capability to invest in modern infrastructure and solutions to sustain economic development across the region.

Axxela Logo 2x

Brand Pillars

  • Sustainable

    We pride ourselves in meeting Africa’s increasing demand for energy while prioritising economic and environmental sustainability.

  • Growth-oriented

    Using our resources, insights and capabilities, our goal is to remain Africa’s fast-growing gas and power portfolio company.

  • True Partnership

    Axxela is uniquely positioned as a partner of choice in creating value-adding energy solutions effectively and efficiently.

  • Visionary

    At Axxela, we are constantly delivering innovative solutions to shape the future of power and gas in Africa.

Brand Toolkit

Wordmark Symbol



The Axxela signature is the primary brand identifier. It is unique, simple, elegant and it represents our company clearly and very confidently. We use it in all our communications to optimise recognition of the Axxela brand.

Our symbol is derived from the concept of a power symbol. It can be found within the negative space between the two “x”s of the Axxela wordmark. The illustration here indicates the spacing and construction of the symbol.

Our signature combines our wordmark and symbol. A grid has been crafted to define the relationship between our symbol and our wordmark, and the space surrounding them.

Wordmark Symbol
Colour Palettes

Colour Palettes

A rich and diverse colour palette has been developed to enhance the Axxela brand. It is inspired by colours found in a pure gas flame.

Colour Palettes