With a presence in the gas and power industry that has lasted over twenty years, the Axxela Group now boasts of four subsidiary natural gas companies in Nigeria namely: Gaslink Nigeria Limited, Central Horizon Gas Company, Gas Network Services Limited and Transit Gas Nigeria Limited. These subsidiaries are among the leading natural gas companies in Nigeria and cover various needs across the country’s energy market while on a mission to deliver cleaner alternative fuel to commercial and industrial customers in the country.

Gaslink Nigeria Limited – Our Natural Gas Distribution Franchise in Lagos Axis

Gaslink operates an exclusive gas distribution franchise in the Greater Lagos area in conjunction with the Nigerian Gas Marketing Company and accounts for about 80% of domestic supply from natural gas companies in Nigeria. Gas link has over 165 blue-chip industrial customers, who mostly operate in the manufacturing sector,  including Cadbury Nig. Plc., Flour Mills of Nigeria Plc., Dangote Sugar, and Nigerian Breweries, Plc.

Central Horizon Gas Company – Distribution Network Operating South-South Nigeria

CHGC is among the major natural gas companies operating in South-South  Nigeria. It is a joint venture between Axxela and the Rivers State Government and owns the franchise rights for the piping and distribution of natural gas to industrial, residential and commercial customers in the Trans Amadi Industrial Area of Port Harcourt as well as Greater Port Harcourt Area, Reclamation Road, Moscow Road among others.

Gas Network Services Limited – Providing virtual gas pipeline solutions

GNSL is one of the few natural gas companies in Nigeria with a focus solely on compressed natural gas. This subsidiary operates in the virtual pipeline business which involves compressing natural gas into cryogenic tanks and transporting via mobile tube trailers to customers’ locations. GNSL presently operates a Mother Station in Lagos, Nigeria which began operations in 2013 and provides CNG as a cleaner primary or alternative fuel for Natural Gas Vehicles. 

Transit Gas Nigeria Limited – Natural gas Infrastructure Development

TGNL is a subsidiary focused on the development of physical and virtual pipeline technology for gas distribution and supply in partnership with the Nigeria Gas Marketing Company (NGMC). The two natural gas companies in Nigeria are working hard to expand the distribution network in Nigeria and encourage gas utilisation across all regions. They are currently developing a mini-LNG plant in Ajaokuta, and a pipeline network between Abeokuta and Iwopin as well as the Sagamu-Benin Expressway. TGNL presently supplies natural gas to Rite Foods Limited, CT Manufacturing Limited and other surrounding factories in the Ibefun-Ososa axis, Ogun State. 

Through our four subsidiaries and their strategic partnerships with other oil and gas companies in Nigeria, we’re rapidly expanding the distribution network for natural gas across the country as we enable gas utilization to grow and in turn economic activities.  Read more at https://www.axxelagroup.com/operations/.