Together, we can #FlattenTheCurve

The outbreak of COVID-19 has altered processes and activities. This has necessitated the collective efforts of individuals, groups, and communities to stop the spread of the virus. As an organisation, we have undertaken continuous awareness campaigns, internally and externally, to educate employees, all stakeholders, and the general public. We have also lent a hand through the donation of life-saving equipment to fight the pandemic in Lagos, the epicentre of the virus in Nigeria.

Stay Healthy

Stay Positive

Stay Active

Stay Safe

In keeping with our EHSQ values, we have implemented social distancing policies across all operations with a remote working structure for job roles that are not restrictively onsite, while adhering to government policies and recommendations of health authorities for essential service procedures. In addition, measures are underway to ensure that all our facilities continue to maintain top-notch safety and precautionary standards post-COVID.