Axxela Donates Administrative Building to Enhance Federal Road Safety Corps’ Operations  


(Lagos Nigeria; April 4, 2024) Axxela Limited, a leading sub-Saharan African gas and power company, has donated a fully furnished administrative building to the Lagos Sector Command of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC). This significant corporate social intervention effort underscores Axxela’s dedication to supporting initiatives that advance the operations of the all-important institution saddled with the responsibility of ensuring a safe motoring environment across Nigeria.


Indeed, the newly constructed office building represents a substantial investment in infrastructure that will further enhance the FRSC’s operational efficiency. The facility was designed to meet the most stringent standards of functionality and safety and is furnished with modern amenities to facilitate FRSC’s execution of its critical mandate.


The handover ceremony witnessed the presence of distinguished guests, including the Chief Executive Officer of Axxela, Bolaji Osunsanya, representative of the Corps Marshal, Assistant Corps Marshal (ACM) Hyginus Omeje, Lagos Sector Commander, Corps Commander Babatunde Farinloye, Acting Zonal Commanding Officer, Patrick Davou, Chief Operating Officer of Axxela, Kehinde Alabi, Director of Vehicle Inspection Service, Akin-George Fashola amongst other dignitaries.


In his welcome remarks, Babatunde Farinloye, Sector Commander of the Federal Road Safety Corps, Lagos Sector Command, lauded Axxela for its continued support and the successful completion of the building project. He stated, “Today, we commission not just a building, but a vision turned reality—an affirmation of Axxela’s unwavering commitment to partnership.”


In his goodwill message, Assistant Corps Marshal Hyginus Omeje, representing the Corps Marshal, FRSC, said, “The conception and execution of this project signify true leadership and the power of altruism, principles upon which great institutions and nations are built, and Axxela exemplifies innovation and generosity by bringing this project to fruition.”


Leading the commissioning, CEO Bolaji Osunsanya expressed gratitude for the continued collaboration between the private and public sectors. He commended the FRSC’s leadership for fostering a positive relationship and goodwill between Axxela and the FRSC Lagos sector command. Osunsanya underscored the critical role played by the FRSC in ensuring road safety and emphasised Axxela’s commitment to contributing to this noble mission.


He said: “For us as an organisation, safety is not merely a concept; it is a fundamental principle guiding our every action and decision. We recognise the indispensable role of the FRSC in safeguarding lives on our roads, and we consider it an honour to support this noble mission.”


By contributing to essential infrastructure projects like the FRSC office building, Axxela remains steadfast in advancing Nigeria’s socio-economic development and the well-being of the people.