According to statista, Africa currently boasts 624 trillion cubic feet of discovered natural gas reserves. Interestingly, more than 200 trillion cubic feet of the natural gas distribution in Africa is concentrated in Nigeria, making it the country with the largest natural gas resources in the continent. 

The value of Nigeria’s natural gas reserves currently triples its crude oil reserves for which it is the eleventh largest crude oil producer in the world. This incredible potential is one that Axxela is passionate about exploring. We believe that Nigeria has the potential to be a strategic energy catalyst for the region, and we’re actively building a massive pipeline network and infrastructure to expand Nigeria’s natural gas distribution in Africa.

Our Distribution Within Nigeria

Within Nigeria, we have a mid-term target to reach 250 million standard cubic feet of gas distribution per day. And at the moment, we currently operate an expansive pipeline network across Greater Lagos with a capacity for 150MMSCFD of which 70MMSCFD is presently being utilised. To service the South-South region of the country, we currently have a 17km gas distribution network that has a throughput capacity of 50MMSCFD of which 3MMSCFD. With our ongoing Ajaokuta LNG plant project and our Abeokuta to Iwopin pipeline network project, we are also working hard to reach our customers in the North who have limited access to Natural gas due to distance. The Ajaokuta plant will have an initial capacity of 20MMSCFD, while the Abeokuta to Iwopin pipeline network will span over 135km and will be able to deliver at over 45MMSCFD.

Our Natural Gas Distribution in Africa

In 2018, we signed a Gas Transportation Agreement with the West African Gas Pipeline Company Limited (WAPG) to transport over 15 million standard cubic feet per day of natural gas via the West African Gas Pipeline. This feat made us the first non-affiliated and independent shipper on the WAGP. With a 678 regional pipeline extending to Benin, and Ghana, we are working to expand our natural gas distribution in Africa through the same West African gas pipeline.

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