Energy companies in Africa have a critical role to play in the socio-economic development of the continent. This is because energy access is an important prerequisite for economic development in any nation. According to the World Bank, energy access “has impacts on a wide range of development indicators, including health, education, food security, gender equality, livelihoods, and poverty reduction”. Facilitating development must be at the core of business goals for energy companies in Africa.

This is why at Axxela, our vision is to drive industrial growth in Sub-Saharan Africa by providing natural gas as an alternative fuel that is cost-effective, environmentally friendly and is in abundant supply within the continent to meet the increasing demand for energy in the region. In achieving this, we have over 280km in gas pipeline infrastructure and four established subsidiaries that provide unique energy solutions across West Africa.

Our four serving energy companies in Africa include:

  • Gaslink Nigeria Limited (GNL)

In conjunction with the Nigerian Gas Marketing Company (NGMC), Gaslink (GNL), operates an exclusive gas distribution franchise in the Greater Lagos area via a pipeline network of over 100km with a capacity of 140MMSCFD and peak utilisation of about 70MMSCFD. Our operations through GNL accounts for 80% of Nigeria’s domestic gas distribution to industrial and commercial concerns, with over 165 blue-chip industrial customers including Cadbury Nigeria. Plc., Flour Mills of Nigeria Plc., Dangote Sugar, and Nigerian Breweries, Plc.

  • Central Horizon Gas Company

Central Horizon Gas Company (CHGC) is a joint venture between Axxela and the Rivers State Government. This gas distribution company situated in the South-South region of Nigeria owns a facility of a 17km gas distribution network and a throughput capacity of 50MMSCFD. This subsidiary is actively delivering gas to end-users as a direct replacement for expensive alternative fuels. The strategy for achieving this is focusing on an established industrial customer base for which the company is becoming a major supplier of natural gas to industries in Port Harcourt.

  • Gas Network Services Limited

Gas Network Services Limited (GNSL) is Axxela’s pioneer venture into the compressed natural gas (CNG) virtual pipeline business. The subsidiary presently operates a 5.2MMSCFD Compressed Natural Gas Station in Lagos, Nigeria from where natural gas is compressed into mobile tube trailers and delivered to customers’ locations. The facility is 100% energy sufficient using natural gas without connection to the national grid. Among its customers include Nigeria Breweries PLC, Ibadan, Chi Limited, Rite Foods Limited, etc. Other strategic and technical partners include OPEX Limited, Transport Services Limited, FornovoGas, and Clean Energy Compression (IMW) Canada.

  • Transit Gas Nigeria Limited

Transit Gas Nigeria Limited (TGNL) is focused on the development of physical and virtual pipeline technology for gas distribution and supply. The subsidiary is currently developing a mini-LNG plant in Ajaokuta with an initial capacity of 20MMSCFD, and a 135km pipeline network between Abeokuta and Iwopin, in partnership with the Nigeria Gas Marketing Company (NGMC). The Ajaokuta project will make it possible to supply natural gas to industrial customers all over the country, particularly stranded customers in the North. Presently, TGNL has ongoing contracts with medium to large-scale industrial customers including Apple & Pears Limited, Rite Foods Limited, West African Soy Industries Limited, Coleman Technical Industries Limited, Celplas Industries Nigeria Limited and have commenced construction of the natural gas pipeline to their factories.