One of our business’ core investments is in virtual pipeline technology. The use of Virtual pipeline in Nigeria is a natural gas distribution in Nigeria as the lack of extensive pipeline infrastructure across the country leaves many industrial and commercial customers outside the national pipeline network stranded. With a Virtual pipeline in Nigeria, natural gas distributors have an alternative method to transport natural gas, or biomethane, to remote areas where the traditional pipeline is unavailable. A Virtual pipeline system allows us to compress liquefied gas and transport it by road using special storage in cryogenic tanks that allow the gas to maintain the temperature and right pressure and be delivered in time to customers in any parts of the country.

Axxela’s Virtual Pipeline Technology

Axxela currently has a midterm target to deliver 100 Million standard cubic feet of natural gas per day via our expanding network of virtual pipelines in Nigeria. We believe that by leveraging this innovation, we can bridge the natural gas supply gap in the country and meet the increasing demand for affordable and cleaner energy. Presently, our virtual pipeline technology includes two alternative gas supply solutions.

  • Floating Storage and Regasification Unit (FSRU)

Axxela is currently developing a Floating Storage Regasification Unit which is a special ship that will allow the transiting and transferring of Liquefied Natural Gas through oceanic channels. This project will make the distribution process of liquefied natural gas across the country more secure as it reduces the risk of vandalisation and ensures more accessibility. Commencement of LNG supplies from its Lagos Floating Storage and Regas Unit is set to begin by Q4, 2021.

  • Mini LNG

Axxela has also recently completed a 20MMSCFD Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) facility situated in Ajaokuta, Kogi State. The project is a joint venture between Axxela Limited and Nigerian Gas Marketing Company (NGMC) with the aim of providing a dedicated, cost-effective and reliable long-term natural gas supply solution. The Mini LNG plant will provide a platform for servicing stranded gas customers who are not connected via pipeline and will save time and cost needed for the installation of traditional gas pipelines.

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