From power generation to your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, running a manufacturing facility is energy-intensive. Without reliable energy, your operations stand the risk of falling apart. This is why choosing a reliable energy supplier for your facility is a big decision which you need to make carefully. If you’re a business owner who is setting up a new industrial plant, we recommend that you find energy partners in Nigeria who can effectively audit the energy needs for your facility and connect you to the right energy source.

As you think of the right energy partner for your business, here are three important aspects to pay close attention to.


The success of your manufacturing business relies on a consistent and dependable energy supply. Ensure you ask to know the distribution network capacity of the energy partners in Nigeria that you are considering working with. Some companies may have a limited daily pipeline throughput that is below your needs or perhaps lacks a distribution network in the area where your manufacturing plant is located. 

At Axxela, we supply over 80 million cubic feet per day of natural gas to customers across the nation. Our innovative approach to gas distribution using a virtual pipeline system also allows us to that transport gas via trucks to our customers wherever they may be even if they are outside a major pipeline network zone.


Another critical factor that is important in choosing an energy partner in Nigeria is the estimated costs. Energy costs are possibly the highest to consider in the running of a manufacturing plant, and unfortunately, energy costs on imported fuels like petrol and diesel in Nigeria are highly unstable and can negatively impact your business performance. A cost-effective option for manufacturers in Nigeria is natural gas. 

At Axxela, we have helped over 200 industrial customers significantly reduce their energy bills by switching to natural gas.


Finally, it is important to prioritise an environmentally friendly energy option. Traditional fossil fuels produce high carbon emissions therefore, it may be important for you to consider a low-carbon fuel like natural gas. Your business sets itself apart from the competition by investing in more sustainable energy choices.

Between 2018 and 2020, our customers reported up to 1.7 million tonnes in carbon emission reduction when they switched to natural gas.

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