Energy is no doubt critical for the long-term economic growth and industrialization of the African continent. However, beyond just meeting its enormous energy needs, there is a growing need for cleaner energy in Africa as the world faces a tough challenge to achieve carbon neutrality in the nearest possible future. 

At Axxela, we’re providing Africa with natural gas as a low-carbon alternative as we seek to transition from dependence on fossil fuels. We believe that we’re playing a vital role in helping Africa cut down on carbon emissions while at the same time meeting its vastly growing demand for energy.


The huge power capacity needed to fuel extensive industrial activities in Africa cannot be adequately provided for exclusively by renewables. This is why natural gas is recognised as an effective partner for solar, wind and other renewables because, without the support of energy from natural gas, energy transition may hardly be achievable especially without jeopardising energy security. By increasing access to natural gas in Africa, Axxela is ensuring that carbon-intensive fuels become less needed as we embrace cleaner energy in Africa.


Our customers in the industrial sector continue to report achieving a lower carbon footprint by opting to use natural gas for power generation or fueling their vehicles. Since 2018, we have carried out surveys to determine the carbon savings of our customers and have recorded up to 2,062,020 tonnes of cumulative carbon emission reduction in the four-year period. 


Natural gas is the cleanest-burning fossil fuel and can help solve the problem of air pollution which is one of the most persistent environmental issues that urban areas globally face. With natural gas, we can quickly cut down air pollution that comes from diesel and petrol engines and restore cleaner air to our environments. 


At Axxela, we’re working hard to transform the energy sector in Africa through natural gas. From transportation to power generation and the industrial sector, we believe that cleaner energy in Africa is not only the future but also the present. And with natural gas, we’re accelerating this vision.

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About Axxela  

Axxela is a Helios Investment Partners LLP portfolio company, and the first privately-owned designated natural gas shipper on the West African Gas Pipeline (WAGP). Axxela is also the pioneering private sector-led developer of natural gas distribution in Nigeria, delivering at a peak of 80 million standard cubic feet per day to over 180 industrial and commercial clients via a vast network of gas infrastructure. 

With over 330 km in gas pipeline infrastructure built, Axxela provides unique energy solutions primarily through its subsidiaries: Gaslink Nigeria Limited, Gas Network Services Limited, Central Horizon Gas Company Limited, and Transit Gas Nigeria Limited.