Who We Are

Axxela aims to impact individuals and industries by increasing gas utilisation in addition to job creation, capacity building and technology advancement towards a better tomorrow.

Axxela Limited — co-owned by Helios Investment Partners LLP and Sojitz Corporation — has its headquarters in Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria, and operates through the following subsidiaries - Gaslink Nigeria Limited, Transit Gas Nigeria Limited, Central Horizon Gas Company Limited and Gas Network Service Limited.

Operating in the Energy and Utilities sector with a total of 105 employees spread across Nigeria (Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt), we provide natural gas, power and energy infrastructure development to our various clients who operate in various sectors including manufacturing, food and beverages, textile, metal/enamelware, pulp paper & packaging, rubber and plastics, health care facilities, power providers, etc.

Axxela receives processed natural gas which is transported by gas transporters such as NNPC Gas Infrastructure Company Limited (NGIC) from processing stations via pipelines, and distributes it to customers downstream through pipelines, CNG skids, and other distribution channels. In addition, Axxela obtained the pioneer WAGP shipper license in 2017 as an independent gas shipper to Togo and began supplying gas through the West African Gas Pipeline in 2018.

Helios completes sale of 25% of Axxela to Sojitz

31st March 2022

Helios Investment Partners (″Helios″) and Sojitz, one of the leading conglomerate investment and trading houses listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, announce the completion of the sale by Helios of a 25% interest in the holding company of Axxela, the largest private sector gas distributor in Nigeria, to Sojitz. Helios retains a 75% interest in the company.

This transaction marks Sojitz′s first significant equity investment in Africa, indicating its growth ambitions on the continent and serving as a blueprint for future collaboration in Africa between Helios and Sojitz across a range of sectors. As like-minded shareholders, Helios and Sojitz expect to accelerate further growth of Axxela′s business by leveraging Sojitz′s expertise in developing gas and power infrastructure projects and providing lower-carbon energy solutions to industrial customers globally.

Corporate Governance

The Board is the highest level of governance on social and environmental issues. Board meetings are held at least four times a year and all matters related to environmental, social, governance and economic practices are presented to the Board by the Chief Executive Officer. All directors have a wealth of experience in dealing with these issues.

All directors are required to exercise independent judgement free from any external influence or conflicts of interest in the discharge of their duties and ensure that their other positions and commitments do not compromise their ability to perform their duties to Axxela.

The Board is accountable for giving directives on the company's policies regarding governance, social, safety, health, and environmental issues. The executive management is responsible for creating and implementing these policies and ensuring that we can identify and mitigate any environmental and social challenges or risks. The Board approves a balanced corporate scorecard annually, which addresses our ESG-related targets, and the company provides a monthly update to shareholders on its progress.

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Board Members as of 31st December 2022

Policies and Conflict of Interest

We have implemented policies that aim to ensure the company achieves sustainable development while addressing any adverse impacts related to its business. The policies, which are approved by the Board and/or senior management, cover various are as such as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Child and Forced Labour, Anti-Corruption, Gifts and Benefits, Code of Business Conduct, Ethics and Know Your Customer, Business Partner Blacklisting and Whistleblowing.

The policies are communicated to relevant stakeholders, including the directors at Board meetings, and employees and business partners through the company's established communication channels. The Board provides leadership and acts as the overall champion in connection with responsible business conduct, while managers at different levels are responsible for implementing relevant policies, including through the integration of relevant commitments into operational procedures and ensuring compliance.

We have a Related Party Transactions Policy which deals with conflict-of-interest matters. Directors are required to disclose any real or potential conflict of interest to the Chairman of the Governance and Remuneration Committee.

Employees are required to disclose if there are any existing or potential related party transactions to the General Counsel and Company Secretary. Every year, every employee is required to complete a declaration to confirm if there are any existing or potential related party transaction or if they are affiliated with politically exposed persons. The result of that report is used to ensure that all potential related party transactions are identified early and reviewed under our Related Party Transactions Policy.

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Top Management as of 31st December 2022

Ethics and Compliance

We are proud to say that the company has not engaged in any corrupt or anti-competitor practice. Corruption and anti-competitive behaviour has therefore not had a negative impact on the company.

As part of our commitment to integrity and transparency in all our business dealings, Axxela has implemented an operational Anti-Corruption Policy that mandates compliance with anti-bribery laws, rules, and regulations in Nigeria and other jurisdictions in which we operate. This policy applies to all transactions, operations, projects, bid processes, procurement, negotiations, arrangements, documentation processes, applications, activities, agreements, contracts, awards, decisions, practices, and other business dealings of Axxela. All directors, employees and business partners are required to comply with this policy.

In addition, we also have a Code of Business Conduct and Ethics that outlines our core values and commitment to ethical conduct. This policy applies to all directors and employees of the company, and sanctions are prescribed for contravention.

We have also communicated our anti-corruption policies and procedures to all vendors and customers and organised anti-corruption training programs for them during the period. We are pleased to report that no corruption-related cases or incidents were recorded during this period.

Finally, we have not been involved in any legal actions regarding anti-competitive behaviour or violations of anti-trust and monopoly legislation during the period.

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