Investment Case

Axxela is Africa’s preferred fast-growing gas and power portfolio company.


EBITDA CAGR of 22% over the last five years.

Scale, Scope and Suite of Energy Solutions

Axxela’s major competitive advantage stems from the scalability of its business and its geographical footprint in key market demand centres. Our suite of tailor-made energy solutions bolsters our customer acquisition and retention capabilities.


  • We maintain our competitive edge with the thoroughness in the selection and development of our people.
  • Our Management team has over 400 years’ combined experience in oil and gas business.
  • We possess industry-leading execution capabilities developed through challenging cross country projects and global experiences.

Financial Strength

A-(NG) & A2(NG) with “A-” by Global Credit Ratings (GCR) and Agusto & Co respectively highlights the group’s financial strength achieved through an unwavering focus on profitable growth and business sustainability.


Axxela’s position is strengthened by strategic business partnerships; our long term contracts and strong relationship with technical and strategic partners make us the preferred energy partner in our chosen markets.


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