Natural gas is a clean-burning hydrocarbon that is colourless odourless, and non-toxic. Its abundance and versatility make it thought to be the best alternative to crude oil that can support the global goal to lower carbon emissions. Currently, Nigeria holds the ninth-largest proven natural gas reserves in the world, with many other African countries like Mozambique, Tanzania, Senegal and Mauritania making massive natural gas discoveries in the past decade. With enough natural gas resources to supply the world for 20 years, Natural gas has such a promising future for the continent, and at Axxela, this is why we have spent the last 20 years building an extensive pipeline network and natural gas reserve as we lead in this new age of innovative energy development in Africa.

Among the benefits of Natural gas to innovative energy development in Africa include: 


As the world moves towards a zero-carbon future, natural gas plays a very significant role as a vital bridge between fossil fuels and the renewable energy of tomorrow. With natural gas, industries in Africa can meet their increasing energy demand while cutting down on carbon emissions.


With the demand for crude oil declining, the abundant natural gas reserves in Africa will not only present the unique opportunity for Africa to finally achieve self-sufficiency in the energy sector but in the coming years will become a major revenue source that can free oil-dependent countries like Nigeria from their over-reliance on crude-oil while catalysing innovative energy development in Africa.


Energy supply is critical for industrial growth, but so far Africa still struggles with energy poverty. Natural gas is a more accessible and cost-efficient alternative for power generation and fuel than other fossil fuels and can help sectors and governments in the region, from manufacturing to agriculture and transportation cut down on energy costs while increasing energy production for the expansion of industrial activities in the region.

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About Axxela  

Axxela is a Helios Investment Partners LLP portfolio company, and the first privately-owned designated natural gas shipper on the West African Gas Pipeline (WAGP). Axxela is also the pioneering private sector-led developer of natural gas distribution in Nigeria, delivering at a peak of 80 million standard cubic feet per day to over 180 industrial and commercial clients via a vast network of gas infrastructure. 

With over 330 km in gas pipeline infrastructure built, Axxela provides unique energy solutions primarily through its subsidiaries: Gaslink Nigeria Limited, Gas Network Services Limited, Central Horizon Gas Company Limited, and Transit Gas Nigeria Limited.