At Axxela, we are invested in developing innovative gas distribution solutions that make natural gas affordable and readily accessible to customers across the country. Mini LNG is one of such solutions and in recent years has become a highly effective option for improving the domestic supply of natural gas. Mini-LNG facilities are not only cheaper and faster to construct but they can be a great way to reach remote parts of the country where traditional pipeline infrastructure is absent. Here’s a quick look at how Mini-LNG in Nigeria can drive the utilisation of gas and how Axxela is making this happen. 

What is Mini LNG?

A Mini LNG is a small-scale gas plant that facilitates the production, storage and distribution of liquefied natural gas in smaller quantities. Traditionally, liquefied natural gas is delivered through a pipeline grid to receiving terminals at customers’ locations. With Mini-LNG, there is greater distribution flexibility as the mini-LNG supply chain allows for LNG distribution via trucks with the presence of refuelling stations at strategic points, ensuring that natural gas is delivered to last-mile customers who are outside of the existing pipeline network.

Mini LNG is greatly beneficial for emerging markets like Nigeria where natural gas demand is still minimal, it is also very useful in reaching remote locations where customers are stranded without access to gas. 

Is Mini LNG in Nigeria?

The Ajaokuta Mini LNG plant in Nigeria is one of the first to be built in the country and is a joint project by Axxela’s subsidiary company TGNL (Transit Gas Nigeria Limited) and the Nigeria Gas Marketing Company (NGMC). Although still under construction, this Mini-LNG facility will have a throughput capacity of 20 million standard cubic feet per day. Its central location in Ajaokuta strategically positions it to be in close proximity to Northern markets where pipeline infrastructure is little.

Benefits of Mini LNG in Nigeria

Small-scale LNG plants will help Nigeria achieve the following:

  • Increased access to natural gas driving higher utilization in the industrial sector
  • Time-saving and cost-effective distribution infrastructure suited to our growing market
  • Address power generation needs in remote locations outside the power grid.

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