The domestic supply of natural gas in Nigeria is relatively limited, making it hard for businesses, especially those outside of major pipeline network zones to enjoy reliable LNG supply for their energy needs. Axxela’s subsidiaries Gaslink Nigeria Limited, Central Horizon Gas Company, and Transit Gas Nigeria Limited are some of the few LNG companies in Nigeria working hard to alleviate this situation. Using innovative distribution solutions such as virtual pipeline networks, Mini-LNG plants, etc., these LNG companies daily supply over 80 million cubic feet of gas to 200+ industrial customers in major regions across Nigeria.

If you’re a business looking for a reliable LNG supplier, here are four Axxela-owned LNG companies in Nigeria with an extensive distribution network spread across the country’s regions to bring natural gas nearer to all commercial customers.

South-South LNG Company in Nigeria – Central Horizon Gas Company (CHGC)

CHGC is a major LNG distribution company in Nigeria managed by Axxela in partnership with the Rivers State Government. The company is situated in the South-South region of Nigeria with a gas distribution network of  17km. The infrastructure has a throughput capacity of  50 million standard cubic feet per day and supplies LNG to customers in the Trans Amadi Industrial Area of Port Harcourt as well as the Greater Port Harcourt Area, Reclamation Road, and Moscow Road. CHGC is able to safely deliver LNG at the required pressure to end-users at their location by using a Pressure Reduction and Metering Station (PRMS) which is installed at the delivery point where the customer is located. Being one of the major LNG companies in Nigeria CHGC has a growing customer base across the industrial sector in Portharcourt with many industrial users switching from expensive and dirty fuels to natural gas.

Southwest LNG Company in Nigeria Gaslink Nigeria Limited (GNL)

Gaslink is a joint venture between Axxela and the Nigerian Gas Marketing Company (NGMC). This LNG company operates an exclusive gas distribution franchise in the Greater Lagos area. It is one of the largest LNG companies in Nigeria with a pipeline network of over 160km and a capacity of 130 million standard cubic feet per day. The company accounts for over 80% of Nigeria’s domestic gas distribution to industrial and commercial concerns. Gaslink supplies over 165 blue-chip industrial customers like Cadbury Nigeria, Flour Mills of Nigeria, Dangote Sugar, and Nigerian Breweries. GNL also supplies directly to end-users who are connected to its pipeline network infrastructure with a Pressure Reduction and Metering Station installed at every customer location. Since its inception, GNL has safely operated the network since inception with neither accidents nor damage to the asset and environment. Below is a map of the company’s distribution network.

North Central LNG Company in Nigeria – Transit Gas Nigeria Limited (TGNL) 

TGNL is also a joint venture between Axxela and the Nigeria Gas Marketing Company (NGMC). The company is focused on the development of LNG distribution and supply infrastructure and is currently constructing a small-scale LNG plant in Ajaokuta, Kogi State. This Mini-LNG facility is strategically positioned to increase LNG supply to customers in the Northern region of the country. It will have a throughput capacity of 20 million standard cubic feet per day and serve customers stranded outside a traditional pipeline infrastructure network by using virtual pipeline technology which transports natural gas via truck to remote locations. TGNL is also developing a pipeline network between Abeokuta and Iwopin which will span over 135km and at over 45 million standard cubic feet capacity per day. 

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