In the global ranking, Nigeria is the ninth country with the largest gas reserves, and first in Africa with about 202 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. The country’s current gas production is about 8.5 billion standard cubic feet per day. To this end, there is more than $50 billion worth of investment opportunities in the gas value chain.

By embracing natural gas, Africa is taking advantage of cleaner and easier access to energy; efficient power generation for local industrial and commercial use; and reduction in the cost of production of goods. Ultimately, natural gas has the potential to take countries in the region from the status of frontier markets to fully developed economies.

These statistics are a background to our operations, which are driven by a dynamic and focused strategy of developing high-yield gas and power portfolio investments to facilitate sustainable economic advancement.

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trillion cubic feet of natural gas reserves in Nigeria
billion worth of investment opportunities in natural gas
volume of piped natural gas in Nigeria (medium term target by Axxela)

Regional Operations (West Africa)

At Axxela, we focus on providing innovative solutions that are not only ground-breaking, but also play a big role in solving energy problems in Africa. In 2018, Axxela Limited signed a Gas Transportation Agreement with the West African Gas Pipeline Company Limited (WAPG) to transport over 15 million standard cubic feet per day of natural gas via the West African Gas Pipeline to Lome, Togo. WAGP is a 678km regional pipeline linking the Escravos-Lagos Pipeline System in Nigeria to Takoradi in Ghana, with gas delivery laterals from the main line extending to Cotonou, Benin; Lome, Togo; and Tema, Ghana.

Axxela is the first non-affiliated and independent shipper on the WAGP and plans to expand the supply of gas into other West African countries. Through our regional operations, we have saved more than 279,000 tons CO2e from being emitted into the atmosphere since September 2018, a monthly average of about 30,000 tons CO2e. Propelled by our professionalism, strategic partnerships, and excellence across our business enterprise, we remain firmly committed to the positioning of gas as a catalyst for socio-economic empowerment across the region’s key markets.

Kilometers regional pipeline system utilised
of natural gas via the WAGP to Lome

Operations in Nigeria

Gaslink Nigeria Limited (GNL)

Gaslink (GNL) operates an exclusive gas distribution franchise in the Greater Lagos area via a pipeline network of over 160km and pipeline capacity of 140MMSCFD, delivering natural gas to industrial customers.

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Central Horizon Gas Company (CHGC)

As a direct replacement for expensive alternative fuels, CHGC delivers gas to end users in the South-South region of Nigeria with a distribution network of 15.5km and a pipeline capacity of up to 70MMSCFD.

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Gas Network Services Limited (GNSL)

GNSL operates a Compressed Natural Gas plant with a capacity of 5.2MMSCFD, providing virtual gas pipeline solutions developed to serve off-grid customers within up to 250km radius of the plant.

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Transit Gas Nigeria Limited (TGNL)

Transit Gas Nigeria Limited (TGNL), in partnership with the Nigeria Gas Marketing Company (NGMC), is developing a mini-LNG plant in Ajaokuta and Abeokuta to Iwopin pipeline network with a distribution network of 24km.

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Axxela has consistently demonstrated competitive leadership
in the Nigerian energy market, and has leveraged the capability
of its gas grid to build power generation plants, comprising
independent power plants and embedded power plants.

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Remote Monitoring and Control Systems

Across our operations, we have implemented Remote Monitoring and Control Systems. RMCS is a robust security and real-time flow monitoring system across the network, which integrates software and hardware components for remote monitoring of the gas pipelines and manages gas distribution.

The system controls processes remotely, retrieves and processes data into useful information in seconds. It is able to process data faster for billing and invoicing. It also detects a shortage, absent supply or a pipeline that has been vandalised and can communicate this processed information in the form of reports, alarms, and alerts. It can manage these reports for speedy decision making and it is compatible with state-of-the-art gas distribution equipment.

Virtual Pipeline Technology

With a projected 100MMSCFD medium-term target, we’re continuously investing in virtual pipeline technology. This innovation seeks to bridge the natural gas supply gap by providing a virtual pipeline solution to customers, as the liquefied gas is re-gasified and supplied as natural gas.

The state of natural gas in liquid form requires special storage in cryogenic tanks to maintain its temperature. However, the lack of extensive pipeline infrastructure around the country has left industrial and commercial customers stranded in areas where the demand for natural gas is rapidly increasing. The development of virtual pipeline infrastructure will cater to such hitherto stranded customers.


As an alternative gas supply solution in Lagos, a Floating Storage and Regasification Unit (FSRU) is being developed by Axxela. A Floating Storage Regasification Unit (FSRU) is a vital component required while transiting and transferring Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) through the oceanic channels. Therefore, FSRU can be termed a special type of ship used for LNG transfer. This technology is aimed at securing the distribution process of LNG.

Commencement of LNG supplies from its Lagos Floating Storage and Regas Unit project to various customers is slated for Q4, 2021.

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Mini LNG

A 20MMSCFD Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) facility in Ajaokuta, Kogi State is being developed by Axxela and Nigerian Gas Marketing Company (NGMC) in a joint venture. This is a dedicated, long-term, cost-effective and reliable natural gas solution that will meet the requirements for both power and process needs of customers.

Our LNG solution is well suited for customers who currently consume or will require 400,000 litres of Automotive Grade Oil (AGO)/Diesel per day. Mini LNG will provide a platform for servicing stranded gas customers not connected via pipeline and will save time and cost attributable to traditional gas pipeline development. This will help to enhance the gas monetisation option by accessing small and remotely located gas fields.

Projected LNG delivery commencement is H2, 2020.

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The expansion of existing businesses by adding more assets
to Axxela’s network of customers is majorly handled by our
engineering team. This is the asset growth and maintenance
functional unit of Axxela.

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