Central Horizon Gas Company (CHGC), a joint venture between Axxela and the Rivers State Government, is a major gas distribution company situated in the South-South region of Nigeria. The facility is a 17km gas distribution network that has a throughput capacity of 50MMSCFD. CHGC owns the franchise rights for the piping and distribution of natural gas to industrial, residential and commercial customers in the Trans Amadi Industrial Area of Port Harcourt as well as Greater Port Harcourt Area, Reclamation Road, Moscow Road among others.

The subsidiary implements an active strategy of delivering gas to end users as a direct replacement to expensive alternative fuels. By focusing on an established industrial customer base, CHGC is increasingly becoming a major supplier of natural gas to industries in Port Harcourt.

Through a Pressure Reduction and Metering Station (PRMS) which is installed in every customer location, CHGC is able to safely deliver gas at operable pressures to customers and meter the utilized gas for fiscal purposes. Gas Sales and Purchase Agreement (GSPA) are utilized to form a basis for connecting the customer to the pipeline network.

gas distribution network
throughput capacity

Since the acquisition of the franchise rights, CHGC has:

  • Operated for over seven years without Lost Time Injury (LTI).
  • Built a 12” x 8km pipeline expansion from Trans Amadi to Azikwe road.
  • Delivered gas distribution feasibility study of the Greater Port Harcourt City Development.
  • Established a 24/7 gas Operations and Maintenance System with an emergency line (0700 CHGC GAS).
  • Established a standby emergency contract with capable engineering companies for emergency repairs.
  • Successfully conducted integrity assessments and a baseline leak survey of the Trans-Amadi gas pipeline infrastructure.
  • Carried out an extensive upgrade of metering stations, valve pits and operating infrastructure across the legacy pipelines.
  • Concluded tender for the relocation of the RVSG metering station, upgrade of the existing pipeline infrastructure and others.