The expansion of existing businesses by adding more assets to Axxela’s network of customers is majorly handled by our engineering team.

This is the asset growth and maintenance functional unit of Axxela. The team ensure continuous improvement in safety, efficiency, productivity and reliability of Axxela’s assets to fully maximise returns on capital. The teams also provide all necessary technical support needed in the development of gas and power portfolio.

Key Functions

The main function of the engineering team includes building, maintaining and restoring Axxela’s gas network infrastructure to provide a reliable supply of gas to commercial and industrial users.

Other functions of the engineering team include:

  • System Planning:
    The team works with the operations teams of all Axxela’s entities to ensure that additions of gas load, such as an addition of a new customer to the gas pipeline network, are evaluated to ensure that the system can handle the prospective demand and determine optimal methods to expand the system.
  • System Design:
    When there is piping required to supply new customers, sectional replacement of damaged pipe segments, upgrade of existing facilities and replacement or relocation of main lines due to road or utility construction, a system design is implemented. It involves all engineering inputs required for additional customers to the gas networks.
  • Construction Management: The engineering team ensure that all construction activities are carried out with strict adherence to the highest Quality Standards obtainable in the industry and stringent owner-user (Axxela) requirements.
  • Right of Way Surveillance:
    There is constant surveillance of our pipeline segments. We aim to reduce to the barest minimal third party interference and managing stakeholders with operations that interfere with our gas pipeline.
  • Drawing:
    We create new engineering design drawings for new projects and also update the consolidated as-built drawing.