As the first private natural gas shipper on the West African Gas Pipeline, our goal at Axxela is to be the leading energy brand among natural gas and power companies in Africa. 

We are pursuing a vision of providing affordable and reliable energy to power the rapidly growing industrial and developmental needs in the region, and we aim to do this across all sectors from commercial, to residential and industrial. So far, we have successfully delivered natural gas to our growing customer base to meet their energy needs in three major areas: transportation, electrification and industry.


With a large manufacturing and industrial customer base, our operations have largely focused on energy needs for industrial and commercial use. Our vast natural gas distribution network spanning over 330 kilometres currently services more than 180 customers in the industrial and commercial sector across Nigeria’s geo-political zones and in different parts of West Africa. Through natural gas, we are helping companies lower production cost, while being able to afford greater energy supply to scale operations and power more efficient industrial equipment. 


Our customers in the industrial sector who engage in major freight operations and transportation activities continue to enjoy compressed natural gas as an alternative vehicle fuel for their vans, trucks and company buses and are able to cut transportation costs and carbon emissions. Our compressed natural gas is also beginning to penetrate other non-industrial sectors as it has become a viable alternative fuel for mass transit vehicles like city buses and even automobiles.


Through several of our major electrification projects including the Akute Power Plant project, Alausa Power Plant project and the Light Up Lagos project, we have successfully explored value-added opportunities in the energy sector through natural gas and we believe that we’re setting the benchmark for natural gas and power companies.

Our vision to be a recognised leader among natural gas and power companies in Africa continues to drive us to expand our network across the African region. Our midterm target is to provide a 250MMSCFD volume of piped natural gas while providing innovative solutions that play a major role in sustainable energy development in Africa. In fact, in 2018, we signed a Gas Transportation Agreement with the West African Gas Pipeline Company Limited (WAPG) with the target to over 15 million standard cubic feet per day of natural gas via the West African Gas Pipeline to Lome, Togo, making us the first non-affiliated and independent shipper on the WAGP.

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