At Axxela, we see our work in the natural gas sector as essential to driving socio-economic development within the continent. With increased access to energy, we can enable our industrial and commercial sectors to expand and attain higher productivity, while our health and educational institutions, as well as households, are improved to ensure a better quality of living for everyone. As we innovate in the energy sector, we aim to promote sustainability, self-sufficiency and quality access to energy as they are prerequisites for socio-economic development to take place.


Socio-economic development cannot be attained at the expense of the environment, this is why in meeting the energy demands of the region, we also see the opportunity to offer a cleaner alternative to traditional fossil fuels. With Natural gas, we can help manufacturers and industries cut down carbon emissions and reduce air pollution while powering the economy.

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Dependence on oil imports has long defined the energy sector in Africa. This has come with a costly price of over-dependence, insufficiency and little control over our continent’s socio-economic development. With natural gas, however, Africa already has sufficient natural resources, to sufficiently cater to her own needs and even to other regions of the world. This is why we passionately invest in building technological capability that will allow even greater utilisation of our natural gas resources.


Our energy projects are driven by the strong conviction that we can bring energy to every household, every business, and every industry in Africa in a way that previous energy sources have failed to do. This is the reason we innovate to find new ways to deliver natural gas to remote areas in the country and most importantly we want it to be affordable for everyone to afford.


At Axxela, our vision is to facilitate socio-economic development led by industrialisation across the Sub-Saharan region. We want to see industrial activities rapidly grow across our markets. And we believe that we can facilitate this as we improve energy access, reduce energy costs and offer an alternative fuel that is not only more reliable but also efficient.

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About Axxela  

Axxela is a Helios Investment Partners LLP portfolio company and the first privately-owned designated natural gas shipper on the West African Gas Pipeline (WAGP). Axxela is also the pioneering private sector-led developer of natural gas distribution in Nigeria, delivering at a peak of 80 million standard cubic feet per day to over 180 industrial and commercial clients via a vast network of gas infrastructure. 

With over 330 km in gas pipeline infrastructure built, Axxela provides unique energy solutions primarily through its subsidiaries: Gaslink Nigeria Limited, Gas Network Services Limited, Central Horizon Gas Company Limited, and Transit Gas Nigeria Limited.