Sustainability is at the heart of Axxela’s strategy. Ours is a long-term business, and we believe that our company will thrive if we operate safely and fulfill a positive role in society.

Axxela focuses primarily on the use of gas as a preferred source of energy, delivering benefits of cost-effectiveness and environment-friendliness. Every part of our business has a tremendous contribution to meeting Africa’s increasing demand for energy while, at the same time, reducing carbon emissions.

As a trusted energy company, we take our environmental aspects very seriously. Mitigating carbon emissions with the use of gas is of importance to us as we aim to deliver value in the power and energy industry without compromising on the needs of the environment. Total CO2 emission displaced by virtue of conversion for Axxela & subsidiaries including GNL, GNSL, CHGC, TGNL and regional customer; CEET for 2022 was 776,815 tonnes CO2 e. Consequently, emission savings by conversion to natural gas was 32%.

Emission savings across all operations.

Environmental Health
Safety and Quality

Axxela is dedicated to quality, safety, the protection of the
environment, and the promotion of proper health and safety
measures across our operations and business enterprise.

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Investing in Host Communities
is an Axxela Effect

Beyond being the foremost energy solution company for
Africa, we are also providing educational and infrastructural solutions
to our host communities through a combination of approaches.

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