For over twenty years, Axxela has been making a strong name among oil and gas companies in Nigeria, pursuing the goal of making natural gas a cheaper, cleaner and more accessible alternative to traditional fossil fuels. With over 300km of gas infrastructure completed and more than $500 million invested in natural gas distribution, our footprint in the oil and gas market has expanded not only throughout Nigeria but across West Africa.

Our current operations include four subsidiary oil and gas companies in Nigeria which supply over 200 customers in the industrial sector. Here’s an overview of our subsidiaries:

Gaslink Nigeria Limited

Gaslink has a pipeline network of over 160km with a capacity of 130 million cubic feet per day and is arguably one of the best oil and gas companies in Nigeria. The company operates an exclusive gas distribution franchise in the Greater Lagos area and accounts for about 80% of the domestic natural gas supply within Nigeria and has over 165 blue-chip industrial customers.

Central Horizon Gas Company 

CHGC is an oil and gas company in Nigeria with franchise rights to the distribution of natural gas in the Trans Amadi Industrial Area of Port Harcourt as well as the Greater Port Harcourt Area, Reclamation Road, and Moscow Road. The company has a 17km gas distribution network and a capacity of 50 million cubic feet per day, with an established industrial customer base in the region.

Gas Network Services Limited 

GNSL is among the few oil and gas companies in Nigeria in the compressed natural gas space. This subsidiary operates a Mother Station in Lagos offering access to compressed natural gas as a cleaner alternative fuel for Vehicles. The station has a capacity of 5.2 million cubic feet per day and delivers compressed natural gas via mobile tube trailers to customers within a 250km radius of the Mother Station. 

Transit Gas Nigeria Limited 

TGNL is our subsidiary oil and gas company, focused on the development of physical and virtual pipeline technology for gas distribution and supply. The company currently partners with the Nigeria Gas Marketing Company (NGMC) on a mini-LNG project with a capacity of 20 million cubic feet per day in Ajaokuta, Kogi state ) to expand the gas distribution network in the northern region of Nigeria where gas pipeline infrastructure is limited.

What Sets Apart our Oil and Gas Companies in Nigeria?

As we remain unrelenting in our vision to bring excellence to the gas sector and power industry, we are dedicated to achieving the highest standards in our operations and this continues to set us apart from other oil and gas companies in Nigeria.

Innovation in the Oil & Gas Sector in Nigeria

Across our operations, we have implemented RMCS – Remote Monitoring and Control Systems, robust security and real-time flow monitoring system that integrates software and hardware components of our gas pipelines allowing us to remotely monitor and manage gas distribution. In seconds the system remotely retrieves and processes data from the pipelines and can detect a shortage, absent supply or a pipeline that has been vandalised and send alerts. Additionally, we’re continuously investing in virtual pipeline technology to address the lack of extensive pipeline infrastructure around the country which has many times caused a shortage in areas where industrial and commercial natural gas is rapidly increasing. With our virtual pipeline technology, we’re able to bridge the natural gas supply gap, as the liquefied gas is re-gasified and supplied as natural gas. You can read more about our innovative efforts at

Low-Carbon Oil and Gas Company in Nigeria

At Axxela, we take our environmental responsibility very seriously, as we aim to deliver value in the power and energy industry without compromising on the needs of the environment. Our business is focused primarily on the use of gas as a preferred alternative fuel to traditional fossil fuels, delivering benefits of cost-effectiveness, environment-friendliness and carbon emissions reductions, while contributing to meeting Africa’s increasing demand for energy. We have recorded up to 32% carbon emissions reduction in our operations by converting to natural gas for power generation. Between 2018 and 2020, we also helped reduce customer emissions by 1.7 million tonnes by enabling the switch from diesel or heavy fuel oil to gas.

Safety Champion Among Indigenous Oil and Gas Companies in Nigeria

At Axxela, we make it a priority to ensure quality, safety, environmental responsibility, and the promotion of proper health and safety measures across our operations and business enterprise. In fact, we are the first among indigenous oil and gas companies in Nigeria to receive the TRIFECTA certification of Quality Management System – ISO 9001:2015, Environmental Management System – ISO 14001:2015 and Occupational Health and Safety Management System – ISO 45001:2018. Learn more at

Investing in Our Host Communities

We set an example among oil and gas companies in Nigeria, by prioritising our host communities. Currently, our efforts have been driven towards improving education and job creation in communities where we have a presence. We have been involved in job creation for 60, 000 individuals through direct and non-direct initiatives. We have also awarded over $5 million towards education, where we engage our communities with a combination of approaches: provision of school amenities, adoption and renovation of schools and provision of scholarships. 

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