Natural gas is an abundant resource found in Nigeria with an estimated 187 trillion cubic feet of proven gas reserves as of 2017, accounting for about 3% of the world’s total natural gas reserves. As such, Nigeria is a key exporter of natural gas to various regions around the world, but for a long time, the country’s domestic gas utilisation was poor with a heavier reliance on petrol, diesel and heavy fuels. In changing this situation, liquefied natural gas companies in Nigeria have in recent times been facilitating an increase in gas adoption locally, by developing innovative energy solutions driven by natural gas. Here’s a list of three key companies whose footprints are making a change in the liquefied natural gas sector in Nigeria.


Axxela is the first private sector liquefied natural gas company in Nigeria to venture into natural gas distribution. Currently, the company has invested over $500 million in gas pipeline infrastructure with over 300km of pipeline network built through its subsidiaries: Gaslink Nigeria Limited, Gas Network Services Limited, Central Horizon Gas Company Limited, and Transit Gas Nigeria Limited. Axxela caters to over 200 industrial customers supplying up to  80 million cubic feet of gas per day and is a designated natural gas shipper on the West African Gas Pipeline. In 2019, Axxela was recognised for its exemplary stewardship and contribution to the steady growth of the Nigerian gas industry by the Nigerian Gas Association (NGA). The company also received the “Midstream Company of the Year” award BusinessDay in 2019, the ‘Most Sustainable Business’ award by World Finance in 2019, as well as the Energy Leadership Excellence Prize of the Decade by the African Institute for Leadership Excellence in 2021.


Incorporated by the Nigerian National Petroleum Company in 2016, GPIC is a  liquefied natural gas company in Nigeria created with the mission of promoting gas utilization as a cleaner fuel. Currently, its key activities are in gas-to-power investments including the Okpai 480MW and the Afam 650MW gas-fired power plants located in Delta and Rivers states respectively. The company is also involved in natural gas supply for industrial and manufacturing use in the production of fertilizer, petrochemicals and methanol.


With a focus on midstream gas marketing and distribution, NGMC is a liquified natural gas company in Nigeria that functions as a subsidiary of the Nigerian National Petroleum Company and was also incorporated in 2016. As an LNG company in Nigeria, The  NGMC is on a mission to increase the share of natural gas utilisation in the domestic energy mix. NGMC currently manages over 540km gas network and supplies gas to over 300 customers across Nigeria for use in the industrial, manufacturing and power sectors. NGMC currently runs a joint Mini-LNG venture with Axxela ‘s subsidiary Transit Gas Nigeria Limited with the goal of closing the gas distribution network existing across the Northern region of the country.

For us at Axxela, what sets us apart from other liquefied natural gas companies in Nigeria is our visionary approach to our business mission. As a company, we take pride in consistently pioneering innovative energy solutions to drive industrial growth in the region. 

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