Liquefied natural gas also known as (LNG) and compressed natural gas (CNG) are very similar products, however, their storage and delivery methods are different. In this article, we will briefly explain what compressed natural gas is and how it is different from liquefied natural gas.

What is Compressed Natural Gas?

Compressed natural gas is derived from compressing methane down to less than 1% of its volume. This is done by storing natural gas at baseline temperature and high pressure. Compressed natural gas is clean, odourless and non-corrosive. It is safer and more efficient than petrol or diesel and can be used as a motor fuel to power vehicles.

Liquefied natural gas, however, is natural gas in liquid form. It is often derived from purifying natural gas and super-cooling it to -260 degrees Fahrenheit.


Compressed natural gas is primarily used as a substitute fuel for powering vehicles. However, it can also be used for power generation, water heating and air conditioning.


Compressed natural gas is an alternative fuel that is not only economical but also easily accessible and offers great environmental benefits. Here are a few benefits of CNG:

  1. Compressed natural gas emits far less carbon compared to traditional fossil fuels.
  2. CNG has limited flammability making accidental combustion less likely.
  3. Vehicles using compressed natural gas incur lower maintenance costs.
  4. Compressed natural gas does not contaminate your motor oil like traditional fuels do.
  5. Vehicles using CNG run quietly, eliminating noise pollution.

Since 2013, we have been delivering Compressed Natural Gas as a primary or alternative motor fuel to our customers in the FMCG and manufacturing sector through our pioneer CNG business, Gas Network Services Limited (GNSL) which presently operates a 5.2MMSCFD CNG Mother Station in Lagos, Nigeria.  Some of our customers include Nigeria Breweries PLC, Ibadan, Chi Limited, Rite Foods Limited.

With compressed natural gas, our customers have not only cut down transportation costs but have significantly cut down their carbon footprint.

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About Axxela  

Axxela is a Helios Investment Partners LLP portfolio company and the first privately-owned designated natural gas shipper on the West African Gas Pipeline (WAGP). Axxela is also the pioneering private sector-led developer of natural gas distribution in Nigeria, delivering at a peak of 80 million standard cubic feet per day to over 180 industrial and commercial clients via a vast network of gas infrastructure. 

With over 330 km in gas pipeline infrastructure built, Axxela provides unique energy solutions primarily through its subsidiaries: Gaslink Nigeria Limited, Gas Network Services Limited, Central Horizon Gas Company Limited, and Transit Gas Nigeria Limited.