Axxela is the energy partner of choice to over 200 industrial customers across Nigeria, meeting their energy needs with innovative natural gas solutions. We manage over 300km of pipeline distribution network, supplying about 80 million cubic feet of natural gas daily. 

As the first private sector-led company in the gas distribution sector of Nigeria, we leverage strategic and innovative solutions to drive natural gas adoption across the industrial sector of the country.

Here is a highlight of the three major gas distribution solutions we provide to meet the different needs of our customers:


Our major pipeline distribution network of over 160km accounts for over 80% of domestic gas supply to industrial and commercial concerns in the country.  We are the energy partner of choice to blue-chip industrial customers in the Greater Lagos Area like Cadbury Nigeria, Dangote Sugar, and Nigeria Breweries.


Using small-scale LNG plants, we are quickly expanding the reach of our distribution networks to all regions across Nigeria. These facilities are a cost-effective way to bring natural gas supply closer to customers in areas where pipeline infrastructure is not yet present. We currently have a small-scale LNG plant in Ajaokuta Kogi state that services customers in the Northern region.


This is another effective solution we leverage to reach customers in areas where a natural gas supply is limited due to infrastructure. Virtual pipeline solutions allow us to compress and transport natural gas using special trucks to remote locations where some of our customers are stranded.

Through our breakthrough solutions, we are rapidly facilitating natural gas utilisation in the country and driving industrialization. If you’re seeking a reliable supply of natural gas for your business, make Axxela your energy partner of choice.

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