Equal Opportunities and Representation

We are steadfast in our pursuit of an equal employment opportunity policy and do not condone discrimination on the basis of race or ethnicity, complexion, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, religion, age, family status or disability.

All our existing and potential employees are given fair consideration based on respective aptitudes, abilities and potential.

In the event that any existing employee of the company becomes disabled, all effort is made to ensure their employment with the company continues and that they are given the appropriate training and support.

Women have been especially known to play key roles in every level of our organisation. They are managers, senior-level employees and third-party contractors in wide-ranging functions, from Procurement to Business Development, Legal & Governance to Engineering.

In the last five years, Axxela has experienced a geometric rise in its number of female employees – either employed full-time or as third-party contractors. In the same period, the company has promoted several female employees to management positions.

To learn more about our equal employment opportunity policy, follow our LinkedIn page.


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we recruit the best and brightest talent across the world
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