Rewards and Benefits

Health and Group Life Insurance

In addition to rewards – financial or otherwise – all Axxela employees enjoy comprehensive health and group life insurance coverage to ensure that they and their families have access to quality health care and protection in the event of a tragedy. Medical care is administered by a Health Management Organisation (HMO) and this caters for the comprehensive medical cover for every Axxela employee, spouse, and a maximum of four children. Medical care coverage is comprehensive and includes post-natal care, dental, major surgeries and mental health care among others.

Gym and Social Club Subscriptions

In an attempt to incentivise healthy and productive lifestyles among Axxela employees, we reimburse the cost of their gym memberships and other social club subscriptions.

Long Service Awards

Axxela presents cash awards, plaques and gift vouchers to eligible staff in appreciation of their loyalty and continuous service to the company.

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