Work-Life Balance


The organisation is developing its telecommuting culture where employees get to work from home or a location of their choice, and in this vein, laptops and tablets with VPN access are given to employees, which allows them to complete work-related tasks remotely.


We understand that a productive and energised employee is one who has sufficient periods of rest and recovery. To make this possible, we have ensured that all confirmed Axxela employees are given at least 25 working days annual leave (with the number increasing depending on Grade Level and Length of Service). Study leave is also granted to help employees adequately prepare for upcoming exams and medical leave is approved during times of illness.

Employees who are expectant mothers and new fathers also enjoy maternity and paternity leave to help with the transition to parenthood.

To learn more about our work-life balance, follow our LinkedIn page.


Axxela’s demanding work environment necessitates that
we recruit the best and brightest talent across the world
to help us meet our objectives.

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